How we present ourselves and our work says a lot about who we are, as do our images when we make decisions about what medium to display them in or on. An image on a cereal box tells you it's not a piece of fine art, while an image hanging in a gallery would suggest it is.

Final Image

Framing your image with an antique frame gives it class. To me it also gives it an air of mystery, adding another dimension to the image's story. There is history in that frame; it has been places and lived through others' lives.

Hunting down antique frames lends to that mystery, as you are looking for that one frame that suits the image and the story you have in mind, or have already created. It is as if you are walking through the scene yourself and feeling it unfold.

If you use an antique frame it is fitting to add effects to the image to make it appear as if it was a painting, painted some time ago, to give it historical authenticity. As if the story was rooted in the past and held some connection to the frame it was wrapped in. It needs to come together as if they were meant to be all along..

Framed image with antique frame and printed on Hahnemeuhle Photo Rag (white cotton artist's paper).


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